This Mind-Bending Fractal Jigsaw Puzzle Is Perfect For The Puzzle Experts

Tired and bored of those easy, novice-level puzzles that you can easily solve even with your eyes closed? Take your problem-solving skills to another level by trying this challenging fractal jigsaw puzzle. This is definitely not your ordinary tiling game piece. Instead of the conventional socket-shaped pieces, this version features a set of interlocking geometric shapes inspired by the fractal snowflake known as the Gosper curve. Furthermore, this difficult puzzle doesn’t have any picture on it, which makes it harder to assemble.

Fractals are infinitely repetitive patterns created in a continuous feedback loop. These fragmented geometric shapes are exquisite structures that can be subdivided in parts. When magnified, each part proves to be a reduced-size copy of the whole. It may sound complex but this pattern is actually seen around us. Snowflakes, tree branches, clouds, flowers, leaves and geographic terrains – these are some objects that display self-similarity on all scales.


Fractal Jigsaw Puzzle

wooden piece gosper curve snowflake shape

It is the same mesmerizing pattern that inspired this jigsaw puzzle. Since one piece can fit into different places, you need to select the right placement for each piece to complete it. So, you might think you can easily complete the ‘seemingly easy’ puzzle because the pieces perfectly fit together. But not until you realize that the last piece won’t fit (mission failed!). And that means you’ll need to do some backtracking all the way to the start until all pieces find their rightful places. With that being said, you’ll also need a little bit of luck to complete this puzzle.

fractal jigsaw puzzle


fractal jigsaw puzzle gosper curve


wooden snowflake puzzle


kiewood customizable case

This wooden jigsaw puzzle may not have any eye-catching images on it. But the trippy patterns create an optical illusion that is so soothing to look at. And unlike image-guided jigsaw puzzles, this unique version allows your mind to step into the fascinating realm of interlocking geometric shapes. It comes in a gorgeous case that you can customize if you wish to include an inscription on the lid. You can also choose your desired color for the case. It is available in clear, black, blue, green and orange colors.

kiewood wooden puzzle


kiewood wooden puzzles colors


wooden puzzle case inscription


fractal jigsaw puzzle black case


“I love wooden puzzles and I’m always looking for really challenging ones so the Gosper curve one seemed like a perfect choice. I love how once you put the pieces together, they blend with each other and you can’t see the cut.”, a happy buyer wrote.

fractal jigsaw puzzle wooden


wooden puzzle case wish inscription


fractal jigsaw puzzle red case


fractal jigsaw puzzle blue case


wooden fractal jigsaw puzzle

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