13 Awesome Quotes From Betty White You Need To Read


Born in 1922 and still going strong, Betty White is a Hollywood institution. She might be best known for her role as Rose on The Golden Girls but she’s been working in TV and radio since 1939, and was the first woman to ever produce a sitcom. She’s also known for being witty and outspoken and for saying exactly what she means, which is pretty much why she’s our hero! We’ve got some words of wisdom from Betty, covering everything from animals to marriage to Robert Redford. Take a look at these thirteen awesome quotes from Betty White that you need to read!



We love a good double entendre. 


Yup, she went there!


Oh, my!


It’s important to be able to laugh at yourself.


Cherries are overrated anyway!


Well… she has a good point!


Truer words have never been spoken!


What an awesome philosophy on life.


That’s why it’s better to try before you buy.


And, that’s how you live to a ripe old age…


It really is a waste of time when you think about it!


Well… that makes sense!


Animals are just better than people.

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