Birthday Cake Cool Whip Is Back On Store Shelves

If you’re looking for some treats to satisfy your sweet tooth then you’re on the right page. We’ve found a new dessert that you’ll instantly crave for.  There’s a rumor that the Birthday Cake Cool Whip is already hitting the shelves. And food fanatics are going gaga over the news. Instagram user @thejunkgoat posted a photo of the much-anticipated dessert after finding one at Schnucks. The photo shows a cup of delectable, frozen whipped cream in pink shade with rainbow sprinkles. A caption follows that says “Not as pretty as you would think but it’s not slacking on the flavor!” And we can’t help but disagree because that Birthday Cake Cool Whip looks scrumptious and tempting.

Kraft Heinz, the company behind the Cool Whip brand, has not yet confirmed the rumor. But the sighting of the Birthday Cake Cool Whip in Schnucks is real. We should expect the official debut of this yummy treat anytime soon. In the next few weeks, we can expect to see this new flavor in grocery stores nationwide. But as of now, we just have to run to the nearest Schnucks store to buy one.

birthday cake


cool whip ice cream

Cool Whip has previously debuted novelty mix-ins such as Oreo and Double Chocolate Brownie last year. So it’s really no surprise if the brand rolls out a new flavor this time around. This frozen whipped cream is initially used as a frosting or filling to cakes and pies. But the introduction of new flavors is a recommendation that it can be a dessert on its own. We’ll gladly grab the spoon and eat this sweet treat on its own, with pleasure.

Source: Instagram