13 ‘Pixar’ Movie Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed


There's no denying it, pretty much everyone out there loves 'Pixar' movies. From 'Toy Story' to 'Monsters, Inc.' to 'Brave', there's something for everyone to enjoy. What makes them such great movies is that they can be enjoyed over multiple viewings due to all the detail that is put into every scene. In fact, animators at Pixar love to put little extras, or 'Easter Eggs', into their movies, which can easily be missed, even if you've watched the film several times. Sometimes these are sneak-peaks of the next movie they're working on, or throwbacks to old movies, or even recurring themes that are featured in all or most Pixar productions. We've got thirteen of those Easter Eggs right here, which you may well have missed! Take a look!


In 'Monsters, Inc.' Boo tries to give a Nemo doll to Sully. 'Finding Nemo' was the next Pixar feature released!



In 'Wall-E' you'll see an iPod. This is in homage to Steve Jobs, who bought Pixar from 'Lucasfilm', in 1986.

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Recognize this ball? Well you should! Known as the 'Luxo Ball', it has appeared in numerous Pixar movies, including 'Up', 'Monsters, Inc.', 'Toy Story', and 'Finding Nemo'.



Who's that toy torturing garbage man from 'Toy Story 3'? None other than Andy's twisted neighbor Sid from the first installment of the franchise, of course!

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In 'Brave', you might not have spotted this Celtic style carving of Sully from 'Monsters, Inc.'!pixar-easter-eggs-sully



'Ratatouille's' shadow looks an awful lot like Dug, from 'Up'. This was clearly a sneak-peak because 'Up' wasn't released until two years later!



Have you noticed that the Pizza Planet van has been featured somewhere in every Pixar movie except for 'The Incredibles'?  



The 'Monsters, Inc.' building was based on a real life oil refinery near the old 'Pixar Animation Studios'.

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Have you seen the boat named 'Jerome's Raft' in 'Finding Nemo'? It's named after Pixar animator Jerome Ranft!

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In the room of this little girl in 'Up' who watches Carl float into the sky, you'll see Lotso from 'Toy Story 3', plus, yes… that's the Luxo ball!

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We know you recognize this anglepoise lamp from 'Wall-E'.

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Watch 'Inside Out' closely and you'll see Collette from 'Ratatouille' on the front of a cookery magazine!

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In 'Cars 2' you'll see Merida and her family from 'Brave', which was the next Pixar movie on the cards!


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