These Mouthwatering Mirror-Glazed Mousse Cakes Will Blow Your Mind

If you’re someone who has a sweet tooth and a keen eye for mouthwatering desserts, you’re going to adore the work of Ksenia Penkina. The talented lady creates incredible mirror glazed mousse cakes that are perfect for any occasion. Using only natural ingredients including real cream, milk, fruits and berries, almond flour and premium chocolates, you can rest assured these creations are of the highest quality. There are also no preservatives added. Take a look below to see some examples of Ksenia’s work!
Website: KseniaPenkina

It takes a staggering three days to make a single mouse cake due to the unique techniques used to create them. The desserts are so shiny that you can even see your own reflection in them! These beautiful cakes that would be fantastic for birthdays, weddings and more, are available for purchase. For more information, head over to Ksenia’s Instagram page here. You can also keep up to date with her latest projects and see some fascinating time lapse videos there. 

If you would not only like to eat Ksenia’s desserts but are also interested in learning her craft, you’ll be pleased to know that she offers master classes! These start at entry level where no previous experience is required and progress all the way to advanced. So, if you’d rather make these cakes over and over again rather than purchase them, this is a great opportunity! We are definitely interested in checking out the classes although it would take a long time to come close to Ksenia’s incredible talent!

We absolutely adore these cakes and each new design blows us away. We love that there is something to suit everyone whether it be a white cake boasting elegance or a black cake that reminds you of a mesmerizing galaxy. It’s impressive that even though a similar technique is used among all of the cakes the results each have a unique personality and style of their own. We can’t wait to see what other creations Ksenia brings out in the future! Keep your eyes peeled!