Brides Bathroom Struggle Solved With This Simple IKEA Bag Hack

Elegant wedding dress with a long, impressive train is every bride’s dream. But reality suddenly kicks in when the bride needs to go to the bathroom. Every bride in their wedding dress would attest that bathroom struggle is real. The only way they could succeed is to ask someone to pull and hold the skirt up while they do their thing. Everything becomes more challenging if the skirt is too voluminous or if the train is too long. In this case, you may need two or three persons to assist you in the bathroom. But one bride found a clever way that allows her to do her bathroom business all by herself. Her ultimate solution: an IKEA bag hack.

The smart bride shared her brilliant IKEA bag hack on her Facebook page. She recalled how this simple hack saved her big day and she’s encouraging every bride-to-be to do the same. All you need is one IKEA shopping bag (the big blue ones) and a pair of scissors. Cut a large hole at the bottom of the bag then simply pop your legs through. Pull the bag up and wear the straps on your shoulders. Doing so would make the bag hold the skirt up in place while you do your thing. With this simple hack, there will be no messy bathroom struggles and no unnecessary onlookers. Brides can now do their private things in private.

bride bathroom bag


ikea bag bride bathroom

Source: Facebook