11 Epic Fails That Will Make You Feel Like A Capable Human Being

There are times when all of us feel like we’re just stumbling through life, and think that everyone else has all the answers and knows how to do things right. However, the truth is that everyone is pretty much just guessing on how to ‘exist’, and sometimes people get it way more wrong than you ever have, or ever will! Check out these eleven epic fails and see for yourself!

Whoever managed to mess up these waffles needs to have a word with themselves.

Someone at ‘York Fitness’ really needs to brush up on their understanding of basic anatomy!

We’re not sure how, but someone managed to create this terrifying pancake demon.

There’s a ‘CNN’ employee out there who really needs a geography lesson!

We don’t think this person will be allowed back in the kitchen any time soon!

Hippo? You know the animal! It’s sort of grey, four legs, lives in Africa and doesn’t have a horn.

Some people should really stick to flats.

This cupcake fail is hugely saddening. Goodbye, cupcakes, we hardly knew you.

But, at least they managed to keep the cooker in one piece, unlike this guy!

We’re pretty sure that whoever made this sign really shouldn’t be in charge of shaping young minds!

Yes. Yes, ‘it’s does’. 

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