30 Blooming Flower Cakes for an Artfully Scrumptious Way to Welcome Spring

Spring is finally here! And what does it mean? It means we’ll be seeing colorful flowers bloom in all their splendor. Yes, spring is indeed one of the most glorious seasons of the year. What could be a better way to enjoy spring than to indulge in delicious, blooming flower cakes.

Cakes and flowers are always a perfect combination because both exude sweetness and happiness. But of course, we will not be placing actual flowers in making blooming flower cakes. Rather, we will be adding edible flowery designs to our luscious cakes to give them that spring-like appearance.

Spring-Themed Buttercream Cakes

There are many different ways to design blooming flower cakes. All you need is a bit of vibrant imagination and creativity to create gorgeous blossoms out of frostings. But if you don’t have any design idea in mind, we’re here to provide you with some inspiration. Take a look at this fabulous creation by a Jakarta-based baker Ivenoven who recently produced a dish with flower frostings. As you can see, the entire cake is covered with several pastel-colored petals for a more vibrant finish. But if you find this design too intricate, you can resort to minimal arrangements instead.

Rather than covering the entire cake with flowers, you can opt to sprinkle tiny blooms on the side or around the top of the cake. Make sure to use colorful background frosting to complement the petals. We highly recommend using buttercream frosting to craft the flowers onto the cake. You can make this by using butter, powdered sugar, and food coloring according to your own preference. Once the frosting is done, you’re now ready to create edible flower sculptures for your buttercream cake.






























Try these examples of blooming flower cakes designs and amaze your loved ones and friends with these spring treats. Or you can make buttercream cupcakes instead to bring smiles to your kids’ faces. If you thought these cakes looked too good to eat, then you will love these incredible marble cakes.