Cyclist Anthony Hoyte Spends Hours Riding Around London Creating Images On A Fitness App

It’s true that there’s an inner artist in everyone that’s just waiting to be unleashed. All people can be creative in their own little ways. After all, there are various forms of art. One recreational cyclist proves this to be true as he creates unique artworks by doing what he does best—riding his bicycle. Introducing Anthony Hoyte and his collection of Strava arts. 

If you’re quite a fitness enthusiast, then you’ve probably heard of Strava. It’s an app that most athletes use to track and record their activities. However, for Hoyte, this app serves a deeper purpose. In fact, it’s his canvas. Yes, you’ve read that right. He draws all sorts of images using the app through pedaling around different cities in the UK.


Anthony Hoyte creates unique artworks by pedaling around different cities in the UK 

Anthony Hoyte


Unlike typical artists, he uses a fitness app as his canvas 



Among his latest creations is a reindeer, which took him nine hours of pedaling in order to complete. Hoyte surely puts in a lot of time and effort, especially for someone who considers himself a recreational cyclist. He has revealed that among his inspirations is co-cyclist and “GPS artist” Stephen Lund from Canada.


Just in time for the holiday season, he created a reindeer to spread the Christmas cheer across the cycling community


Last year, he spent over four hours cycling around to create this image of Santa Claus


In 2017, he “drew” a snowman to send his holiday greetings


Just like any other artwork, his Strava art creations also require a lot of planning. This is where his training as a designer comes handy. Before going about his journey, he first looks at online maps to make out the shapes in existing roads. He describes this process as “a bit like spotting pictures in clouds.” 

“If something jumps out at me—like perhaps a road that looks like a nose—then I’ll try and find eyes and so on. If nothing jumps out, I’ll try somewhere else, but I’ll keep coming back to places to see what I see.”


He also bagged the 1st place in the Bristol Cycling Festival Strava art competition in 2017 with this GPS creation



He tries his best to follow and stick to actual road patterns as much as possible. However, there are also times when he needs to pass through certain locations like parks or even university campuses just to achieve the perfect shape. 

Hailing from the city of Cheltenham, Hoyte cycles around much bigger cities to execute his masterpieces. To date, he has already travelled around Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds and London, to name a few.

Hoyte also hopes to be able to cycle internationally, particularly around US cities. Although he expects that these cities would pose more challenges given their regular grid patterns.


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