Sea-Doo’s Fish Pro Jetski Is Dedicated To Fishing With A Built-In Fish Finder, GPS And A Fish Cooler

Jetski is a personal watercraft which is mainly used for recreation. So, when Sea-Doo introduced the Fish Pro, a jetski that is specifically designed for fishing, many people were skeptical about it. A fishing jetski? How on earth can a speedy watercraft be used for fishing? While it’s true that there are several motorized fishing boats available, opting for a smaller personal watercraft is more cost-effective. Plus, jetskis are easier to maintain than traditional fishing boats. However, not all jetskis can be used for fishing. It is important to look for a fishing jetski that offers everything you need for fishing. If you’re interested to find one, look no further than the Sea-Doo Fish Pro.

sea-doo fish pro fishing jetski in action

So, what does this fishing jetski has in store for us? First and foremost, it features a state-of-the-art Garmin Echomap Plus 62CV Fish Finder. This navigation and fish-finding system uses CHIRP technology that transmits a longer pulse than traditional sonar, putting more energy into the water column. In addition to the dual beam CHIRP sonar, Garmin Fish Finder also includes a color display and GPS to mark the best fishing spots.

sea-doo fish pro fishing jetski


sea-doo fish pro fishing jetski garmin echomap

Stable at its core, it has an extended rear platform with an additional 11.5 inches to the back of the vessel. This additional space doesn’t only provide more space for boarding and fishing. But it also increases stability when fishing in rough water. It also comes with a spacious 13.5 gallon cooler to keep your newly-caught fishes fresh. The rugged cooler also has 4 rod holders, trolling slots, and storage for fishing tackles and bait.

sea-doo fish pro fishing jetski design


sea-doo fish pro fishing jetski trolling mode


sea-doo fish pro fishing jetski designed for fishing

What’s more, the bench seat is optimized to allow the driver to face sideways, providing ease of movement. Plus, the angled gunwale footrest provides comfort and stability even in rough waters. You can set your desired speed – Sport mode for a thrilling speed, Eco mode for a leisure drive, and Trolling (slow) mode to give you superior control at low speeds without using the throttle. Apart from the fishing cooler, it also has extra containers to store your snacks, water bottles, sunscreen, and more. It also has a fuel caddy to store extra fuel for an extended fishing session. And a shockproof smartphone storage to keep your phone dry and safe.

sea-doo fish pro fishing jetski built-in cooler


sea-doo fish pro fishing jetski front storage


sea-doo fish pro fishing jetski personal watercraft


sea-doo fish pro fishing jetski boat


sea-doo fish pro fishing jetski rough waters


sea-doo fish pro fishing jetski angled gunwale footrest


sea-doo fish pro fishing jetski fisherman

The Sea-Doo fishing jetski is powered by a 1503 NA engine with a 1,494 cc displacement and naturally aspirated intake system. It has a weight capacity of up to 600 pounds so three persons can ride at once. This fishing jetski measures 147 inches long and 49.4 inches wide. If you’re ready to go fishing in the convenience of a personal watercraft, get your own Sea-Doo Fish Pro on this website for $14,799 (shipping not included). You can also pick up the cover here.

Watch the video below to see the Sea-Doo fishing jetski in action