Pita Bread Pencil Case

From blankets, pillows, handbags, and more, food-inspired items are definitely here to stay. And if you’re looking for something to store and organize all your pens and art supplies, then we might have just the thing for you! Introducing this pita bread pencil holder that’s perfect for creatives who just can’t get enough of burritos!

Made of 100% nonedible cloth, this unique flatbread-inspired case offers a convenient and fun way to store your pens, brushes, and more. And just like the real thing, you can roll it up into a burrito to keep your crafting tools organized in a space-saving manner. But that’s not all—it even comes with toasted spots which make it look incredibly realistic. So, be very careful not to mistake it for the real thing, and don’t say we didn’t warn you!

pita bread inspired pencil holder


pita bread pencil holder with strap


pita bread pencil holder


pita bread roll up pencil holder


Show your endless love for burritos in the most creative way possible with this pita bread pencil holder!

pita bread pencil holder and organizer


burrito style roll up pen organizer


flatbread roll up pen case


flatbread roll up pen organizer


realistic pita bread pencil holder


realistic burrito style roll up pen organizer

The case measures 22 cm in diameter. And as with typical roll-up pencil holders, it also comes with an elastic strap that goes through the center. This strap features stitched slots, allowing you to snugly fit up to ten items inside the case. It also comes in a variety of colors, including pink, yellow, green, blue, and grey. But if you prefer a sleeker look, then you may simply opt for the variant with a leather strap.

pita bread pencil holder strap color variants


flatbread inspired roll up pen organizer


burrito style roll up paintbursh organizer


burrito style roll up pen case

Once you’ve rolled up the case, there’s another strap that allows you to secure your wrap once more to keep your items in place during transport. Aside from art supplies and crafting tools, you can also use this quirky case to store hardware essentials or even makeup brushes. Indeed, this burrito-style pencil holder makes a great gift for artists and crafters who are not just creative but certified foodies as well!

Source: Amazon