Painfully Awkward Wedding Incidents That Will Leave You Shocked

Most people hope that their wedding day is filled with love and happiness. Furthermore, they pray that everything runs smoothly. There are endless things that can go wrong on this special day so it’s no wonder people get so nervous! To back this up, here we have some painfully awkward wedding incidents that will leave you shocked. We’d be surprised if many of these weddings ended with ‘I do’! Take a look!
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Painfully Awkward Wedding Incidents That Will Leave You Shocked

As horrendous as this is for the bride and groom, we bet it was great to watch! 

We love it when people who have been wronged team up!

This is like a real life movie! 

We’re not sure we could keep information like this to ourselves…

Losing the ring would be mortifying! 

Someone messed up! 

Wow. We wonder how this awful scenario unfolded…

How annoying is this?!

Always pay what you owe, you never know when it might come back to bite you! 

You couldn’t make this stuff up! 

What a good sport for taking part in this! 

Sometimes nerves get the better of us! 

Bless him. We hope that things calmed down and there was a happy ending!

We bet awkward moments like this occur a lot. Hopefully the groom took the error in an amusing way!