Twizzlers Gummies Tongue Twisters Combine Two Flavors In One

What type of candy does your sweet tooth favor, the sweet ones or the sour ones? Well, if your sweet spot happens to be somewhere between sweet and sour, then you’ll love Hershey’s Twizzlers Gummies Tongue Twisters! These tangy treats from the Hershey’s brand are definitely going to have your tongues in a twist because they offer not one, but two fruity flavors. And that’s just half the fun!

Twizzlers’ edible rope style has become the brand’s trademark for the longest time. Sure, they’ve chopped it up in tiny bite-sized pieces or filled it up with orange creamsicle for summer. But they’ve never really switched things up, shape-wise. Well, that’s about to change, because the new offering features a cheeky mouth that’s sticking out its tongue. This cheeky offering initially came out in Canada, but it seems that it’s making its way to U.S. shelves too!

Twizzlers Gummies Tongue Twisters Tangy


Twizzlers Gummies Tongue Twisters Sweet


Treat yourself to something tangy with the new Twizzlers Gummies Tongue Twisters

Up north, shoppers can choose to get the Twizzlers Gummies Tongue Twisters in either Sweet or Tangy flavors. Meanwhile, us U.S. shoppers will only have one variety to grab… But that doesn’t mean that we’re missing out entirely! Instagram user @dncsnacksterz from New Jersey have already snagged a bag for themselves after spotting it at a Walmart location in East Brunswick. And according to them, the 3.7-ounce bag contains three cherry-focused flavors paired with other another fruit flavor. Each pack will contain approximately 18 pieces that’s divided between peach & cherry-, lemonade & cherry-, and grape cherry-flavored Twizzlers Gummies Tongue Twisters.


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It’s worth noting that the main difference between the Canadian offering is their base fruit flavor. For example, the Tangy Tongue Twisters offer a cherry-flavored twisted tongue while the Sweet variant has a strawberry-flavored one. Hopefully we see both variants hit U.S. shelves soon. Perhaps if we all chanted Twizzlers Gummies Tongue Twisters 10 times… there’s no harm in trying, right?

We just know that they’d make awesome post-Halloween candy (if that’s actually a thing… or is it just us?)! Check out the sweet and tangy Twizzlers at the brand’s Canadian webstore here. We’re definitely putting our local candy aisle in close surveillance for this!