Artist Accepts Pics From People Of Their Pet And Then Disneyfies Them

Tilburg-based illustrator Isa Bredt can transform your pets into a Disney character. The talented Dutch artist refers to her work as ‘pet disneyfication’ and it is as it sounds. By sending her a photo of your animal companion, she creates a cartoon pet portrait of them. And the finished illustration makes them look like Walt Disney characters.

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘disneyfication’? But wait, is there even such a term? The word is used in sociology to describe the transformation of something to resemble the Walt Disney theme parks and resorts. But Bredt applies the term in the way we all have been thinking, and that is by transforming anything into a Disney character. Now, the 22-year-old illustrator is making a name for herself by turning photos of animals into Disney-style drawings.


This artist creates disney-style pet portraits

Through her Instagram page Pet Disneyfication, she takes on commissions to ‘Disneyfy’ any animal photos. It could be a cat, a dog, a bunny, an opossum, a pig or a turtle. Bredt can make animal portraits that look like they came straight out of a classic Disney movie. The artist herself is a huge fan of classic Disney films particularly the ones with animal characters. And because drawing has been her passion since she was a kid, she decided to put her artistic talent and fanaticism together.


This cat looks like an evil villain!

She started offering her disneyfication creations for free on Reddit way back in 2014. This gave her an opportunity to practice the old Disney style of drawing and promote herself as an artist as well. It took her years before she finally mastered the art style. And since she could no longer accommodate the overwhelming requests from people, she decided to create an Instagram page and take on commissions as a side job. In the summer of 2019, the Instagram page Pet Disneyfication was created where anyone can send her photos of their animals. Once payment is made, the artist proceeds on making a Disney-style illustration based on the photo. Once complete the image is sent to the customer in digital formats.


The artist creates animal portraits in old Disney style art and this cat looks like he could be in the Aristocats.

As an animal lover, Bredt optimizes her platform to help rescue animals find their forever homes. So, aside from doing paid commissions, she’s also Disneyfying photos of rescue animals from different animal rescue centers. She then posts the finished artwork and the actual photo of the rescues so people can see the amazing transformation. Along with the photos is the caption that tells everything about the particular rescue animal. Bredt also makes sure to include the name of the rescue center as well as their contact info.


Here are some of her rescue animal portraits, all of them are so sweet

Unfortunately, Bredt is fully booked up until September. So, she can no longer accept orders until the wait list is cleared. She will, however, start taking on new orders in September. So, make sure to follow her on Instagram to get updates for a better chance of getting a commission spot. Multiple pets can be drawn together or separately.


So, let’s take a look at more of her pet portraits


She can really capture the personality of animal to, this one is hilarious


Some owners treat their animals like royalty and this can really be captured in images like these!


While, we think this one of the mom and puppy is the cutest! This is such a great memory to keep and look back on.


The artist’s work also features more unusual animals such as goats


We also think this is one of the most adorable animal friendships. This really does look like a Disney movie!


While some of her work showcases animals with unique appearances and stories to.


The artist’s talent can even be applied to people. This cute duo look straight out of a Disney movie.


So, this picture is adorable because it shows a cat called Spinach who has just had an operation.


Some of her work also features other design influences such as Pokemon!


The artwork also highlights conditions animals can have to. For example we have this rabbit who has a hairless genetic condition.


Some of the stories about the animals can also be very inspiring. For example this dog is now cancer free.


Lastly, we have this cutie in a Batman top! How adorable does he look?!

So, which pet portrait was your favorite? Let us know in the comment section!

Source: Pet Disneyfication | Patreon