16 Creative Ways To Re-use Old Light Bulbs You Never Thought Of


Although light bulbs last many, many hours, chances are, you'll still be changing a fair few over the years. Why not 'upcycle' them? You can transform old light bulbs into a myriad of different wonderful things. From decorations and crafts, to miniature vases or even a teeny weeny ecosystem. These are great little projects that can save you money instead of buying fancy items for your home! Check out these 16 creative ways to re-use old light bulbs.


Make a snow globe.


Make a unique candle stick holder.


Decorate a plain lamp with recycled light bulbs, like this: 


Make a cool Xmas wreath out of old used up bulbs.

Cute crafty bumble bees.


Light bulb spice rack.


Make miniature vases from your old light bulbs.


Christmas tree ornaments can easily be made from old light bulbs.


Smaller bulbs can make great necklaces.


Get creative and crafty and make a crazy light bulb spider.


Hanging light bulb flowerpot. 



Light bulb pear crafts.


Use old light bulbs as match stick holders.


Make an oil lamp.


Create a miniature ecosystem.


Turn your old light bulbs into these gorgeous mini hot air balloons.

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