This Inflatable Tent Let’s You Relax In The Shade On Water Or Land In Comfort

Camping on water felt like an impossible dream but now it can be a reality because of the inflatable floating tent. Now we can literally camp on a calm lake, pond, spring creek or saltwater flat. We can sit and lounge on the water for hours while completely covered in the shade. Who wouldn’t want a relaxing spot to drift on that is completely safe from the sun?

We’ve featured the first-ever floating tent in the past. But now we have more options and designs to choose from. We’ve found two great options that will let you camp and drift slowly on water in style. Both models are made by HM Sports, a China-based manufacturer of PVC inflatable products. The company offers two different versions of inflatable tents.


Inflatable Floating Tent To Let You Camp On Land Or Water

hmsport blue inflatable floating tent

The green tent has a round-shaped base with a dome-like canopy. It provides ample lounge space measuring 94.5 inches long, 94.5 inches wide and 59 inches high. The sufficient space can comfortably accommodate up to 4 people at once.

green inflatable floating tent


hmsport camping tent for land or water


camping tent for land or water

The blue tent is slightly smaller with its dimension measuring 80 inches long, 80 inches wide and 53 inches high. Furthermore, this model has a square-shaped base with an umbrella-like canopy. Despite being smaller, it can also accommodate up to 4 people at once.

camping tent inflatable


blue inflatable floating tent


blue inflatable floating tent door

Both models are made from high-density and rip-stop 210 polyester with 0.5 mm thickness PVC bladder. The green version has 5 mesh windows in every corner to provide a panoramic view of the surrounding as well as to provide good air circulation. The blue version has 2 larger mesh windows on opposite sides to give you a good view of the outside and to provide proper ventilation. These two mesh windows also serve as tent doors that can be opened/closed with a zipper.

camping tents land and water


green camping tent for land or water


mip inflatable floating tent

These tents don’t only keep you safe from the sun as you camp on water. But they also keep bugs and snakes away to give you and your family full protection. They feature a wind-resistant frame with redesigned poles included to anchor the tent in place. It can also be used on land, of course. The inflation floor offers a cushy and comfortable place to sit and sleep on during camping. Each unit comes with one car air pump to help you inflate the tent, two inflatable pillows for added comfort and one carry bag for easy storage and transport. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“It’s amazing on land or water, it’s nice to have a built-in inflatable mattress. We absolutely love it, adults and kids will both enjoy this one.”

Get yours here.

camping tents for land and water

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