Amusing Parenting Tweets That Any Parent Can Relate To

Raising kids is the most taxing work in the world, and we bet anyone with kids can surely relate to these amusing parenting tweets! Parenting is a tough job, a demanding yet rewarding job. But despite this burdensome challenge, some parents still find ways to add a bit of humor into their life. This is probably the best way to survive being a parent. Life is seriously tough but if we can just learn to look at the brighter side, life can become significantly lighter. These hilarious parents took to Twitter to give us a glimpse of a parent’s life. Check out these amusing parenting tweets that any parent can relate to.



This sounds like a job for a spork.

Moms are not allowed to get sick.

Kids and chainsaws don’t work well together.

And the other 10% is spent persuading your kids to put that expensive toy back.

Love hurts so bear with the pain.

The root cause is clear and you shouldn’t be wondering why.

Still won’t say no, though.

Funny tweets from hilarious parents



All kids have these two options.

Drink the imaginary tea and nobody gets hurt.

Judgemental parents are making parenting worse than it already is.

Funny but true.

The worry of a parent is basically endless.

You always need to keep your snacks safe at all times.

True, it’s like there’s a sensor that alarms the kids when you attempt to sit down.

You’ve seen a lot of these if you’re a parent. And if you’re planning to become a parent, this is what’s in store for you.