IKEA Just Launched A Pet Furniture Collection And Animal Lovers Will Want It All

Animals are great. Although pets aren’t always the best behaved, they bring tons of joy to many people. Sometimes owners like to purchase lovely things for their animals, because they deserve it! Well, IKEA just launched a pet furniture collection, and it’s seriously awesome. There’s a great range of products available that you’re sure to want to get your hands on. Take a look and see if there’s something you know your pet would love!

IKEA Just Launched A Pet Furniture Collection

Get ready to see some amazing stuff!

Many of the pieces double up as normal furniture. For example, this unit has a usable top surface and shelving areas!

Doesn’t this cat look comfy and content?

The look that says ‘this is mine and I love it’.

They even offer fun tunnels!

The beds are a great size, perfect for bedrooms and living areas.

This image must have been included because that dog is just utterly gorgeous!

Now your dogs and their pals can hang out in style.

This reminds us of those maternity pillows that shape to your body for extreme comfort.

We bet that many people will struggle to choose which items they want!

A scratching post you can’t go wrong with!

We love the simplistic and modern style of the furniture.

Protect your sofa with these animal friendly mats.

This little yarn ball on as stick will provide endless hours of fun!