This Is What Happens When Grown-Ups Are Left Alone With Kids

Many grown-ups are pretty much giant children. They love to play like kids do, they like to have fun like kids do and they are eager to bring out their inner child and enjoy a worry-free life like kids do! It’s no wonder that hilarious things can happen when grown ups are left alone with kids. If you are curious to know what we mean, take a look below!

This kid was left with his grandfather and when his parents returned, they saw this ‘anti-slouching device’ on their son.

Dad’s reenactment of this iconic scene from the ‘Lion King’ is splendid.

If there’s a will, there’s a way.

Uncle was asked to watch over the kids and his face says it all.

Wow! What a way to motivate your son!

Teaching your dad how to ride a bike is quite taxing.

Don’t ever let your dad do your yearbook photo.

Dad wins the Cheerio stacking game!

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This girl drew her dream dress. Her grandma made it come true.

The ‘advance apology’ pack.

If you can’t afford a real horse, use your imagination.

Their little angel is going to the disco for the first time.

“I might need to have a talk with my daughter, but I’m not sure what I’d even say.”

How to scare away any potential suitors.

Look, Mom! We caught a fish!