This Sneaky Dad Hides Money In His Daughter’s House after Every Visit

We all know parents have their own way to constantly remind their kids about their love. But, this sneaky dad hides money in his daughter’s house whenever he visits yet never tells her that he’s done it and it’s an endless treasure hunt!

She shared a collection of her dad’s hiding places as well as his response to her texts. Check out their cute convos.

“My dad hides money from me in the most random places.”

“He doesn’t ask anything in return except for cooking him huge meals.”

“Although he likes getting these photos and replies with this sunglasses emoji.”

“He doesn’t leave another until I find one.”

His hiding skills are unlike any other!

Beside kitchen utensils…

…inside the cupboard…

…under bananas…



…flower pot…

Who Wouldn’t Want Him for A Dad?

…there’s money in my guitar too!

…and other weird places.

“He avoids thank you’s.”

“He’s a sweet weirdo.”

Source: somebodysmama