Photos Showing That Life After Breaking Up Can Be Funny and Painful

Romance is a total bliss and it’s all good while it lasts. But once the feeling is dead, life after breaking up isn’t all that blissful anymore. Everyone has their own fair share of heartbreaks and breakups. We’ve been there, and we survived the hurdle thanks to the encouragement and support from family and friends. Breaking up with someone you used to love and getting over it isn’t a breeze. But if you learn to look at the lighter side of things, you’ll realize that it wasn’t all that bad. Think of it as the start of a fresh beginning and face the new day with a smile. If these people managed to survive life after breakup with a bit of humor, you can do too. Take a look at these photos showing that life after breaking up can be funny and painful.



This guy’s girlfriend dumped him due to his weight. So what’s his sweet revenge? He worked out hard to slim down and you can see his amazing body transformation. Take a look at him now, girl.

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You won’t have time to sulk after a breakup because Tinder is here to keep you busy.

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The only thing you need to avoid after breaking up with someone is being alone and feeling lonely. Instead of sitting alone at home, it would be better to go to a crowded movie where you can watch with other people. But this person can’t get a break when he went to a movie jut to see this forlorn and empty room.

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That weird feeling when a total stranger suddenly breaks up with you thru text and you can’t help but feel bad anyway.

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What are the initial symptoms of a broken heart? Take note of the most obvious sign. If a person hoards a tremendous amount of ice cream, you already know what it means.

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Family and friends will do everything to cheer you up after your painful breakup. So at least pretend that you’re happy just to compensate their efforts.

forcing to be happy life after breakup
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We understand that feeling, bro. But it’s only a matter of time before you start hitting on some hot girls again.

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The good and bad outcomes of breakups



I hope he’s just kidding for the sake of venting his frustrations. But on a more serious note, don’t ever do this to any person.

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Because no one loves you more than yourself.

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A solid piece of advice for anyone with a broken heart.

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The one who holds the camera has the power over everyone.

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You can still salvage your photos with your ex with the help of Photoshop.

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Those moments when you regret doing something you shouldn’t have. But you still find ways to fix your mistake.

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Life after a breakup means having more time with pets. Who needs a partner when you have this cute cat?

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Will this cake convince him to give her ex-girlfriend a second chance?

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