The National Cowboy Museum Put Their Head Of Security In Charge Of Twitter Account

Whatever job or industry you might be in, chances are you’ve experienced performing a duty outside your job description. Depending on the nature of the duty, the experience can either be exhausting or exciting. Luckily, it is the latter for Tim Send, head of security at the National Cowboy Museum in Oklahoma. Apparently, the museum has been generating quite a buzz online for putting Send in charge of their social media accounts.

Contrary to popular belief, being a social media manager is not an easy job. It requires some serious skills too: Excellent copywriting skills, strategic content planning and execution and effective community engagement, among many others. But more importantly, it requires a profound understanding and extensive knowledge of various social media platforms. Above all, you must also be able to represent the company’s ideals in a good light.


The National Cowboy Museum has recently gone viral for putting their head of security in charge of their social media accounts





Evidently, the online community is loving him for his hilariously wholesome tweets. From posting educational trivia to witty puns, Send is literally sending some virtual positivity amidst the ongoing crisis.




So far, Send’s first week at the National Cowboy Museum has been an awesome experience



What’s even more hilarious is that he always signs his tweets with “Thanks, Tim”—as if it were an email! Well, that pretty much reminds us of Captain Raymond Holt from Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Somehow, his tweets prove that he still has much to learn about the inner workings of the internet.





His tweets show just how pure and kind-hearted of a man he actually is



The museum currently boasts a 4.7-star rating with 2,646 reviews on Google. So, apparently, it has already held a remarkable reputation, even before Send served as their interim social media manager. Housing over 28,000 artworks and artifacts, the museum has long been famous for upholding the city’s rich Wild Western history.


“With the exception of Thunder, Oklahoma’s known for, above all else, its rich Wild Western history. This incredible history is preserved for all to see in OKC’s National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum.”—Great Oklahoma City Chamber




People simply can’t get enough of his humor and wit






Send also happily responds to the queries of the National Cowboy Museum’s followers




There’s no doubt that he’s the perfect man for the job!




Unfortunately, the National Cowboy Museum is currently closed to the public, following Mayor David Holt’s declaration of a state of emergency. Luckily, we have Send’s tweets to entertain us for the time being. Hopefully, you can all pay the museum a visit once the pandemic’s over. Who knows, you might even meet Send in the flesh!

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