Hilarious Dads Looking After Their Kids On Their Own

Being a parent can be a big challenge in life. Having fun should be a big part of that roller coaster and these hilarious dads prove that you can do just that.

Fathers doing household chores while wives go out to work is not a taboo anymore. The constant evolution of society made way to empower gender equality. Today, women can do what men can do. Of course, that goes without saying that men can also do what women can do. If moms can stay in the house and look after the kids, dads can do it too. But some dads take this responsibility to a whole new level. We have compiled the best examples of hilarious dads looking after their kids on their own.


This cool dad shows how to pull out his daughter’s loose tooth without the pain.

A clever dad taking advantage of a trolley bag.

Juggling balls is boring. Juggling kids is more fun!

Comforting a child is not daddy’s thing.

When taking a picture of your son, put him in a spot where he can look really ridiculous.

It’s time to feed daddy!

Parenting: mom vs. dad.

Funny dads and their unique parenting ways


Letting your kids fly high.

These hilarious parents made a fun photo with swapping roles.

When the kids sleep, why can’t I?

Hilarious dads and their ideas! Take note, Moms! Never let Dad dress up the kids.

No Dad, that is not where the baby is supposed to go. Parenting fail.

Daughter wanted a horse, Daddy can’t afford to buy one. So what did he do? He bought a towel with a horse print and let his daughter ride on it. Genius!

Something doesn’t fit in this picture but who cares. Looks like Daddy is enjoying it.

What’s the best sleeping position for baby? Ask this dad.