Ridiculously Weird Inventions That You Can Actually Buy

People are not created to do everything all at once. Which is why there was an obvious need for machines or tools. These inventions made life so much easier. And because creativity dares us to break barriers, some inventions went from brilliant to ridiculous.

Here we have a few ridiculous inventions that you can actually buy. Because imagination is your limit.

When you just want to prove that you have a big imagination:

Get abs in less 2 seconds.

When you just can’t live without tissues:

When you’re so bad at applying lipstick:

How to live like a duck 101.

When the shoes you got are just too expensive:

When you just need to hide those eyebags:

When you have no dryer at home:

It’s important to conserve water.

When you are true advocate for renewable energy:

When your ambition in life is to look like a vampire:

This is what you call patriotism.

When you don’t want to waste any available parts:

When you and your cat are inseparable:

Imagine how much money you’d be able to save.

Perfect for travellers.

When your hands are too busy:

Digging your car out has never been this easy.

The perfect Halloween costume.

When your feet work better without shoes:

Necessity is truly the mother of invention.

Breastmilk is still best for babies.

When you need an instant nose job:

Is this actually genius or what?

When your time is too precious for a manicure:

When you only have one friend:

Your farming tools in one place.

Fastest way to wear socks.

When you really just don’t care anymore:

When you have no time to clean up after your pet chicken:

When you’re single but don’t want to be left out:

For anybody whose goal in life is to have a third arm.