12 Things You’ll Only Understand If You And Your BFF Enjoy Annoying Each Other


All friendships are different, but best friends tend to have a bond so close that they act more like family. And, for some people that means trying to annoy each other almost constantly. We mean, it wouldn't be family if you didn't get on each other's nerves at least a little bit! So, if you and your BFF are always trying to annoy one another, then you'll totally identify with this post. Check out these twelve things you'll only understand if you enjoy annoying your best friend.


You have a number of impressions you use to drive each other crazy.


You have annoying nicknames for one another and you aren't afraid to use them in public.


You won't let each other forget about hilarious typos.



You will always just slightly overstay your welcome to get on the other's nerves.


And, when you sleep over, whoever gets up first couldn't possibly let the other sleep in.


If you discover your BFF has something they pronounce hilariously wrong, they won't be hearing the end of it any time soon.


You have been known to ask each other to repeat a long and complicated story, even though you actually heard fine the first time.


You aren't afraid to just keep on texting until your BFF replies.


If there's a habit that the other finds annoying, you'll just keep on doing it even more.


You will fight with each other for that last piece of food, and sometimes one of you only says you want it because you know the other does.


When you meet each other's new love interests for the first time, all the most embarrassing stories are coming out.


You sometimes call each other out for being so annoying, but you wouldn't want it any other way.

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