15 Weird But Effective Gadgets For Traveling

At some point in our busy lives, we all want to take a break and just relax without a care in the world. We all want to travel and explore what’s out there. You would rather be on a long road trip or on a plane to the other side of the country. Yes, it’s awesome to travel, but let’s face it, we will eventually encounter problems we never thought we’d have. That’s why there are various useful gadgets for traveling that you never thought you would ever need!

Sleeping Bag Onesie


Camping can be fun, but sometimes a hassle. You have to bring many things such as heavy sleeping bags. But worry no more, because the right gadget is made specifically to cater this kind of problem. With the Sleeping Bag Onesie, you don’t have to bring heavy sleeping bags anymore. You just have to wear it and you’re ready to camp literally everywhere you please because it will always keep you warm at night.

Banana Guard


To all banana lovers out there, this product is made just for you. Protect your bananas from getting squished or bruised inside your bag. With the help of this gadget, be able to bring a banana snack to-go all the time and still keep it fresh.

Rolling Suitcase


Do you want to enjoy carrying around heavy luggage? Then it looks like this bad-ass Rolling Suitcase is for you! Unleash your inner child wherever you may go with this awesome gadget.

Airconditioned Shirt


We all know that travelling to different places will guarantee also a shift in the weather. At times, there are places that get really hot especially during the summer. Luckily, someone thought of having a cool solution to this sweaty problem. Have your own easy-to-wear Airconditioned Shirt. The perfect gadget to bring wherever you may go and feel fresh and sweat-free.

Anti-Mosquito Socks


It’s soft, will keep your feet warm, it has cute prints, and they help repel mosquitoes from getting near you. These are very helpful for all ages who wants to have comfy socks and doesn’t want to get bitten by nasty mosquitoes.

NASA Sleeping Mask


Having trouble sleeping? Looks like NASA did too. This sleeping mask is meant to help regulate your sleep. It can be useful for especially for those who have problems sleeping or insomnia. Also, it has features that can help your body adjust for those who travel in different time zones.

Metal-Detecting Sandals


Looking for metal has never been made this easy. You no longer have to carry around those large metal detectors, and on the plus side, you get to wear stylish sandals. This gadget works by just walking around, and it just vibrates whenever it detects metal. All you need to worry about is to bring something to dig up your new-found treasures.

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Pee Helper


If there’s anything that women hate about traveling, it’s when there’s no restroom available whenever they need to pee. Fortunately, there’s a new gadget to help women with this common problem. The Pee Helper allows women to conveniently pee like men or be able to pee while standing up. It may sound unusual, but you’ll never know when it will come in handy.

Head Support


Nope, this is not a neck brace. This is actually a very handy device that allows you to sleep comfortably. It positions your head in a safe manner, and it prevents your neck from having any issues.



Whenever you are feeling lonely and have no one to cuddle with, this gadget will accompany you. This pillow boyfriend will also be a very god substitute whenever your real boyfriend is not around. This pillow boyfriend might even give you the best hug ever and be able to sleep comfortably under its arm.

Disposable Toothbrushes


Another important gadget when travelling are disposable toothbrushes. There will be times you get in a situation where there’s no sign of water, so you can’t rinse your normal toothbrush. With this, you don’t even need to toothpaste because it will already give you a fresh and mint experience.



From the name itself, it is very useful for those who go skiing or snowboarding, both for professionals and non-professionals. It’s a stylish fake beard made of fleece & vented neoprene. The Beardski is a gadget that helps you feel warmer while you’re in cold places. Don’t worry, it can also be used anywhere & anytime you like! For a costume or if you like to wear it daily, it will look hip either way.

Emergency Charger


Crank-up your battery life with this emergency charger. Whenever your cellphone is totally out of battery, you can use this gadget to juice-up your phone enough to send an emergency text or call. A minute of cranking is about 4 minutes of text/call time. Very handy especially when you’re in the woods or somewhere there is no electricity.

Pillow hat

from bookofjoe.com

Heard about the neck travel pillow? The pillow hat is the next big thing when it comes to travel pillows. Convenient and comfy. You can literally lie down wherever you want and still feel comfortable with this gadget. Don’t forget to always set your alarm clock ‘cause you might feel too comfortable that you forget your flight!

Communication T-shirt


Planning to travel somewhere where English is not their common language? This shirt will help you still have the full traveling experience without the trouble of miscommunication. This T-shirt has all the necessary icons/symbols you need when travelling. Just point to a symbol to whatever you need to the person whom you are speaking to, so that you can both understand each other.

When you thought you didn’t need any of these gadgets, well, you better think again. These are unusual yet handy pieces of equipment that you will be needing in your travels. Thanks to whoever invented these gadgets!