15 Incredibly Weird Toys That Should Have Never Been Made

Kids love to play with toys because toys are fun. Good toys encourage kids to explore their imaginations and engage their senses. However, there are some rather questionable toys out there that are hilariously strange and should have never have made it to the toy stores. Here we have a collection of weird toys that are inexplicably bizarre. Some are even scary! Take a look!

The embodiment of a dreadful nightmare.

Teddy’s secret is revealed.

The family would be happier if they spelled the name right.

Winnie the Pooh likes to flaunt his perfect teeth.

The collaboration is insane.

The true meaning of a ‘ponytail’.

Wonder Woman can cut through anything.

Is this a new breed of Pikachu?

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Why would anyone want a poop in their swimming pool?

There’s someone peeking through the bear’s abdomen.

Let these grumpy cats discourage your kids.

This kid has a weird choice of toys.

Something that would traumatize your kids.

Come play with me…

Children don’t want to see an innocent-looking penguin being brutally impaled.