Frank’s RedHot Now Now Has Boneless Chicken Bites Covered In Their Sauce

I don’t know about you but drizzling Frank’s RedHot on just about anything like chicken makes every bite even more satisfying. And now we won’t have to worry about having enough of the sauce every time we decide to have chicken nuggets because Frank’s RedHot Boneless Chicken Bites are here! These chicken tenders come packed with so much flavor and heat, you’ll keep wanting more! The offering began popping into freezer sections late October, so if this is the first time you’re learning about this hot new bite, you’re welcome.

Frank’s RedHot Boneless Chicken Bites follows after the brand’s frozen chicken wing line. The chicken wing line offered ready-to-cook wings in Original, Buffalo, and Kickin’ BBQ flavors. Needless to say, the line was a hit with chicken wing fans. And now, the brand’s latest Boneless Chicken Bites is sure to be a surefire hit too! It’s sure to make a tasty snack for kids and adults alike, no matter the occasion. So whether you’ve got company, just chilling on your own, or have no patience for fancy meal prep… Frank’s RedHot has something hot and tasty for you!

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You’ll love the new Frank’s RedHot Boneless Chicken Bites

While Frank’s frozen chicken wing comes in three varieties, Frank’s RedHot Boneless Chicken Bites only has two flavor options available, which are Original and Buffalo. This means that the white meat chicken fritters will either be glazed with the Frank’s RedHot’s Original Cayenne Pepper Sauce or Buffalo Sauce. Tami Dunn conducted a taste test for the spicy new addition to the brand’s lineup. And according to their review, the Boneless Chicken Bites really do pack heat!

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Each 15-ounce box will contain a generous amount of good-sized Boneless Chicken Bites. Preparing the glazed nuggets is fairly easy too. Just pop them into the microwave or oven, wait a few minutes, and enjoy! Meijer, Buehlers, and several other supermarkets now have this tasty offering in stock. So grab as many boxes of this spicy new offering as you can. And don’t forget to grab a tub or two of Frank’s RedHot Buffalo Chicken Dip while you’re at it!