This Man’s Favorite Tree Was Struck By Lightning What He Did Next Was Amazing!


When Imgur Ciderbite’s favorite tree was struck by lightning, he came up with an awesome idea to save what was left. Using his chainsaw to remove the badly burnt branches, he set to work carving the trunk and created the most awesome dragon sculpture ever. Ciderbite loved his tree which had stood in his yard for many years and now it will be forever cherished as this wonderful work of art and craftsmanship. Check out the photos below and tell us what you think in the comments.

Website: Imgur

It all began with the remains of this once majestic tree.

tree stump

After removing the damaged branches and limbs he gave the tree new life.

dragon head

Lovingly he carved this ornately detailed dragon.

dragon tree side

Doesn’t it look incredible?

dragon tree carving

He even carved a wizard to watch over the castle part and to cast anti-lightning spells (probably).

wizard castle tree

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