5 Mood-Boosting Interior Design Tips That Are Backed By Science


Usually, interior design is all about feeling, personal taste and aesthetics. For instance, if purple is your favorite color you might go on a spree of painting everything purple. Or perhaps you believe that a light room will make you feel more relaxed. However, for those of us out there for whom scientific reasoning comes more naturally than artistic whims and feelings, decorating our homes can seem like a nightmare. So, what if we told you that you could use the principles of neuro-architecture (the study of how the body and brain responds to built environments) to decorate your home. Finally, interior design tips that are backed up by science! So, we'll have less of the cliche 'put mirrors everywhere to make your room magically look 20 times bigger' and more design tips based around our brain chemistry and scientific concepts such as biophilia. Take a look below!
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