KFC Has A Load Of Merch And It’s This Summer’s Must Have

Gear up for a finger lickin’ good summer! KFC has launched two new merch items which will perfectly pair with the bright sunshine of summer season. You can now get a reversible bucket hat and a pair of sliders featuring the iconic fast food restaurant. So, now you can order your favorite fried chicken meals in style.

Earlier this year, KFC UK dropped a run of limited edition bucket hats for charitable purposes. Apparently, fans loved the idea of wearing the iconic chicken bucket on their heads. Now the franchise is back with new exciting items to offer. They revamped the bucket hat and made it in reversible form, with the familiar red and white branding on one side and with a fried chicken motif on the other side. So, you can flaunt two different designs by just flipping the hat over.


KFC Releases New Bucket Hat And a Pair of Sliders

kfc summer fashion line

Well, we did say two merch items, right? In addition to the reversible bucket hat is a limited edition pair of sliders bearing the recognizable KFC signature branding. One of the pair features the iconic Colonel while the other one has the phrase ‘Always Original’ printed across the strap. These new fashionable items are a continuation of the franchise’s commitment to support British charity that aims to help youth across the country.


Reversible Bucket Hat

colonel sanders bucket hat


reversible bucket hat frid chicken motif


reversible bucket hat

Imagine yourself rocking these accessories this summer. Perfect for the beach, pool, or going your nearby KFC restaurant. The stylish red and white design also makes a bold fashion statement that can go perfectly with any casual outfit. You can go over the company’s official online shop to get these fashionable merch items and browse the store to find more clothing and accessories that are up for grabs. From shirts and sweaters to shorts and scarves, you can mix and match to get your ideal outfit for the season. You can also choose a wide range of accessories including mugs, phone cases, bottle openers, and more. But please note that standard delivery is only offered to UK and Ireland.


KFC Sliders

kfc sliders


colonel sanders sliders


kfc red and white sliders


kfc bucket hat

Source: KFC