Floridians Who Fought Hurricane Irma With A Sense Of Humor

Hurricane Irma is wreaking havoc at the moment. Many people have been forced to evacuate their homes for their own safety. Of course, the prospect of people getting hurt, or even killed, plus homes, hospitals and schools being shattered is no laughing matter. However, there are certain Floridians who are trying to make the best of a bad situation with some good old fashioned humor. Take a look! 

Floridians Who Fought Hurricane Irma With A Sense Of Humor

Someone making an offering in the form of Pepsi to Irma…

A few tweaks here and there and it will be as good as new! 

Until further notice… 

‘Having a cold one with the boys…’

Looters you have been warned! 

Nothing will stop these guys from enjoying the fresh air. 

Pokemon Go needs to alter its notifications at a time like this!

What will happen will happen… 

This project is even trickier than putting together IKEA furniture. 

‘IRMAGERD’… based on the ‘Ermahgerd’ meme that started circulating in 2012. 

Some people have no fear! 

Just hanging around outside, enjoying the breeze… 

This Coca Cola should have been the offering instead of the Pepsi can!

This establishment is staying open until the end…