At Divine Llama Vineyards You Can Drink Wine, Hike And Even Do Yoga With Llamas

Remember the alpaca ranch in California where you can stay for the night and interact with alpacas and other farm animals? Well, this particular vineyard in North Carolina allows guests to go trekking with llamas for a day. Divine Llama Vineyards is an American winery known for its exquisite range of delicious wines. But apart from its vast vineyard, this 91-acre land is also home to the largest llama farm in the Southeast. The llama farm features all fiber types, sizes, gender, and ages of llama. And the great thing is, Divine Llama Vineyards welcomes all visitors to go hiking with the llamas.

llama trek

Located in East Bend, North Carolina, the vineyard was established in spring of 2007. Four grape varieties were planted (Cabernet Franc, Chardonel, Merlot, and Traminette) and a tasting room was opened in 2009 to showcase its wines to the public. Currently, Divine Llama Vineyards offers eleven wines that visitors can taste and buy straight from the tasting room.

But here’s the best part yet. The vineyard also offers a two-mile hike where visitors can explore natural scenery and trek along a remote creek-side area. What’s more, you can enjoy the views of the mountain and tranquil forests in the company of a llama companion.

The vineyard was established in 2007

north carolina vineyard


The tasting room was opened in 2009

divine llama vineyards tasting room


Divine Llama Vineyards is now offering eleven exquisite wines

divine llama vineyards wines


The vineyard is also home to a large llama farm

divine llama vineyards wines ranch

Along the two and a half hours trek, your llama companion will carry your chair, water, and other hiking necessities. Furthermore, Divine Llama Vineyards allows you to bring your own food and drinks during the hike. Llama treks must be scheduled in advance and it costs $50 per person.

But take note that children under 10 years of age are not allowed to trek. Trek starts at 1:00 on most Saturdays and Sundays. Reserve your spot here and go on a hiking experience like no other, along with your perfect hiking partner.

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llama trekking nature scenes


llama trekking


hiking with a llama companion

The trek ends near the tasting room where you can also enjoy wine tastings (optional) for an additional charge. So if you’re looking for a relaxing getaway in the company of friendly camelids, Divine Llama Vineyards is the place for you. Reconnect with nature and strengthen your relationship with animal companions so choose your appointment now. Your llama hiking partner is waiting for you.

The trek ends near the wine tasting facility

divine llama vineyards wine tasting facility


divine llama vineyards wines shop


divine llama vineyards wines farm

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