Make A ‘Happy Little’ Breakfast With The Bob Ross Waffle Maker

Start your day with a happy vibe by adding this Bob Ross Waffle Maker to your kitchen. And create happy little waffles with the iconic artist’s face on. It has been 27 years since we last saw the soft-spoken painter on TV. Even after his popular instructional TV show The Joy of Painting bade farewell to its millions of fans in May 1994, the cordial painter still remained an enduring icon of positivity who reminds us of the soothing power of art. This is why even 26 years after his death, he is still popular not only with the people who watched his TV show but also with kids who are fondly watching the show on his official YouTube channel.

Everyone will always remember him for his warm smile, gentle voice, distinctive hair and uplifting quotes. Indeed, watching The Joy of Painting makes any heart feel warm and cozy. Just seeing his happy face reminds us of calming landscapes, happy little clouds and happy little trees. Now you can bring the fond memories and positive notes to your morning plate with this waffle maker. This unique kitchen appliance is emblazoned with the painter’s portrait complete with his warm smile and 1970s styled afro. So, you can dig into a stack of Ross-inspired waffles. Add some pops of color into your Ross-shaped waffles by topping them with maple syrup, butter, whipped cream, chocolate drizzles and more.


Bob Ross Waffle Maker

bob ross waffle maker appliance

This waffle maker makes 2 different sized waffles. You can make 6-inches waffles by pouring the batter into the mold or larger 7-inch waffles by adding batter around the mold border. It comes in a sleek and silvery design featuring the artist’s portrait and signature printed on the lid. This non-stick waffle maker measures 7 inches wide, 6 inches high and 10 inches deep designed for 120v systems.

These uniquely-shaped waffles are also a great way to inspire the artist in your kids and to encourage them to start their day with positivity. Not to mention, these fluffy breakfast waffles would perfectly pair with warm coffee in this Ross-inspired heat changing mug.

bob ross waffle maker


bob ross waffle maker kitchen appliance


ross-shaped waffles


ross-shaped pancake


ross-shaped waffles unique

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