“We Rate Dogs” Is A Twitter Account That People Ask To Rate Their Pups

Dogs are unique in their own ways, each with their own special physical features and distinctive personalities. Needless to say, no two doggos are exactly alike. If you want to know how special your canine is, the Twitter page We Rate Dogs is the perfect place for you.

As the name implies, this is a Twitter page dedicated in rating dogs. And they score each dog in a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest. All dog owners are invited to send photos of their pets along with a brief description. And they will post the rating on their page.


Twitter page We Rate Dogs posts adorable photos of pets along with their scores

Matt Nelson, the man behind the page, created it to acknowledge the crème de la crème of the canine kingdom. The rating criteria isn’t only based on physical factor or the level of cuteness. But more importantly, it also considers the dog’s good deeds, achievements, inspiring history and even their craziest shenanigans.

All dogs, regardless of breed and age, are welcome to be featured on the page. Even dogs with special needs or those who were previously abused are very much appreciated. More than anything, the page aims to show people the beauty of adopting rescue dogs.


The page often bestows scores far above 10 to deserving dogs

Nelson created the page in 2015 and it has been the go-to page for all dog enthusiasts since then. It currently has 8.7 million followers and has rated thousands of pets from thousands of proud owners. Most of the time, Nelson would give a rating far above 10 to acclaim deserving doggos. In addition to the scores, Nelson’s witty captions on each post are what made the page gained a huge following.


“If you’re in the wrong parts of Twitter, it can easily be described as a cesspool of horrible things. So in that way, you can see my account as an escape,” Nelson said.

If you’re in need of adorable photos and uplifting stories about dogs then look no further than this page. Aside from its amusing arsenal of cute dog posts, you can also find and buy all-dog-related-stuff from the page. The merch includes an online clothing store, mugs, vinyl decals, stickers and dog tags. We’ve picked out the cutest and most inspiring posts from the page to give you your daily dose of canine cuteness. And don’t forget to follow the page on Twitter to see its latest additions.





























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