Pouring Wine Has Never Been So Artistic With These Vein-Like Containers

Wine decanters come in many different forms and shapes. But regardless of the shape, these special drinking vessels are specifically made to contain sediments in the wine. So, you get a clear, pure wine in every sip. Just a piece of advice, though. If you’re going to choose a wine decanter, you might as well choose the most exciting ones. Let’s say, a drinking vessel that takes the form of blood vessels. So when you pour red wine into it, the vein-like carafes would seem to become actual, huge veins.

vein-like carafes etienne meneau

Artist Etienne Meneau creates carafes that mimic blood vessels as part of his series called Strange Decanters. The collection includes a wide variety of glass containers in the shape of blood vessels. At first glance, you may think that these vein-like carafes are more appropriate as a piece of décor. But these decanters are reliably functional. The twisting contours and branching tubes can practically retain any sediment from the liquid. This is basically what a decanter is for. Plus, Meneau designed it so the vessels are easy to wash. Simply rinse the vein-like carafes with water and leave it upside down to dry.

Each piece is hand-blown from a thermal-resistant glass called borosilicate. It can hold up to 750 ml of wine or other liquid beverages such as juice, water, or cold tea.

vein-like carafes


etienne meneau strange decanters


vein-like carafes wine decanters


vein-like carafes wine decanters


strange decanters etienne meneau

These vein-like carafes are included in the Strange Decanter series by Etienne Meneau

carafes that look like blood vessels


carafes that look like veins


vein-like carafes filled with red wine


red wine poured in vein-like decanter


vein-like decanters


vein-like strange decanters


strange wine decanters


odd looking wine decanters


wine decanters look like veins


decanters look like blood vessels


vein-like carafes strange decanters


vein-like carafes for beverages

Source: Strange Decanter