The ‘HemoLink’ Could Be How Blood Samples Are Taken In The Future

Needle phobics of the world, rejoice! A Wisconsin start-up, Tasso Inc, has come up with a needle-free way of drawing blood for tests. Yup, you read that right… no needles! The clever little device would use a vacuum-like process, utilizing micro-fluid properties, to draw blood from below the skin without having to puncture it or use any kind of needle.

It will only be able to draw 0.15 of a cubic centimeter of blood, but that is enough to test for blood sugar, cholesterol, cancer cells and infection. There would even be the option to post your blood sample to be tested, negating the need to attend a clinic at all, which is excellent news for those who dislike doctors almost as much as they dislike needles.

The device is still being developed, but it could be available as soon as late 2016. Cool!

Source: Tasso Inc