15 Horrifying Photos That Will Make You Say “Nope”

Life is full of lots of nasty little surprises, you have to face up to that fact. Usually, you can take them in your stride and get on with things, but sometimes all you can do is say “Nope… Just nope.” Whether it’s some sort of lurking creepy crawly where you wouldn’t expect it, or something altogether more dangerous or sinister, there are some things you just have to avoid.

We’ve collected these 15 photos that we’re sure will make you say “nope.” Now, let’s take a look… Just, try not to have nightmares!

Oh, the sun’s in my eyes. I’ll just pull the visor down… nope!

Time to brush my teeth… and nope! Never again.

Oh, what’s this letter? So much nope. *seals the windows*

Time for a nice trip outside. What’s this white stuff, then? Oh, hells nope!

I can deal with a snake… uh… nope!

How about freshening up with a nice shower… and nope!

That sounds nice. Where is it again? Oh, on second thoughts… nope!

Oooh. A snack! Actually… nope!

So much nope in the picture! Owwie.

Nope, nope, nope. So not a good idea.

Oh Jeebus nope!

Those look like some tasty foods. I think I’ll have… wait – nope!

Let’s turn on the fan and get a breeze going in here. Okay, maybe that’s a nope.

How about a lovely walk in the woods? Heck nope!

This looks like a nice, scenic path for some bike riding…. nope!