1,400-Year-Old Gingko Tree Sheds A Beautiful Ocean Of Golden Leaves

Once every year, during the fall, you can see these gingko tree leaves showcasing a stunning display of color. The 1400-year-old tree will transition into the autumn like no other. Magnificently, thousands of its leaves would turn into a shade of gold that’s totally bright!

Standing tall within the Gu Guanyin Buddhist Temple area in the Zhongnan Mountains, China, the radiant gingko tree leaves are indeed a tourist-attractant. The leaves would fall, producing a lively spread of gold just beneath the tree. If you’re visiting, we’re pretty sure you’d also photograph the golden yellow carpet of natural beauty.

huge gingko tree leaves radiant gold

People all over China think of the tree as a tribute for the Emperor Li Shimin, who was the founder of the Tang Dynasty (618 – 907). Also known as the maidenhair tree, the gingko is indeed an ancient species, with native roots from China itself. Aside from bringing in a vibrant atmosphere during the fall, the gingko also serves as a food source. Plus, traditional Eastern medicine recognizes the tree’s many medical benefits.

Indeed, the gingko tree leaves are famous the world over. But, the old but sturdy gingko tree has also earned respect over the millennium for its historical and medical significance.

During the yearly transition to autumn, Gingko tree leaves of golden radiance fall off this ancient Gingko tree.


visitors flock to see gingko tree leaves


radiant gold gingko tree leaves


ocean of gold gingko tree leaves


man praying in ocean of gingko tree leaves

Source: Colossal