The “SunFriend” Bracelet Monitors Your UV Intake And Lets You Know When You’ve Had Enough Sun

Staying outdoors is fun and all but too much sun exposure can take a toll on our skin. And when we’re having too much fun outside, we tend to overlook the amount of UV rays we’re getting. This is why this UV Monitor Bracelet was invented. Now we can play under the sun all we want without worrying about getting sunburn because this smart device will let you know when you’ve had too much sun. How cool is that?

Aside from getting sunburn, a harmful amount of UV radiation can also cause premature aging, skin pigmentation and even skin cancer. These adverse effects have certainly given ultraviolet rays a bad reputation. This is why some people avoid the sun as much as possible. But did you know that lack of sun exposure could be detrimental to health too? The right amount of UV from the sun triggers the production of vitamin D in our bodies. Without this beneficial UV, the body may not be able to produce enough vitamin D which can result to bone loss, osteoporosis, muscle pain, rickets and impaired immune system.

sunfriend uv monitor bracelet

So you see, too much or too little UV absorption can be harmful. That is why it’s crucial to get the right amount of UV to ensure healthy bones and muscles. And this is also why this UV bracelet is beneficial. With this, we can enjoy the sun while making sure we don’t get exposed to many UV rays. This wearable device has a built-in sensor that monitors the amount of UV you’ve taken in. It uses a gauge from 1 to 11 to show how much UV you’re receiving. Of course, it also takes your particular skin type into consideration.

sunfriend ultraviolet monitoring device orange


personal uv monitor bracelet orange


The UV Monitor Bracelet has an internal micro-sensor that measures the amount of UV being absorbed

sunfriend internal microsensor

Fair-skinned people are more likely to be affected by UV rays than dark-skinned people. This is because people with dark skin naturally have more melanin and melanosomes which provide natural protection against harmful UV rays. Amazingly, this bracelet allows you to set your skin’s specific sensitivity and the device will automatically factor in your skin type. Simply press the ‘Check UV’ button to light up the gauge. Once the gauge reaches 11, it will notify you by giving off flashing lights to let you know that you’ve already reached the maximum dose of UV for the day.

girl wearing ultraviolet measuring gadget


how to set skin sensitivity


woman wearing uv monitor bracelet


wearable ultraviolet ray monitoring device gauge


guy wearing uv monitor bracelet


woman wearing wearable ultraviolet gauge device


wearable ultraviolet ray monitoring device

The ingenious bracelet has an internal battery that can last up to 4 years. It measures 9 inches long, 1 inch wide and 0.2 inches thick and features an adjustable strap that can fit both kids and adults. Plus, this wearable gadget is waterproof at up to 3 meters deep and is available in four colors – black, citrus orange, grey mist, and spring green.

sunfriend ultraviolet monitoring device black


personal uv monitor bracelet black


sunfriend ultraviolet monitoring device green


personal uv monitor bracelet green


sunfriend ultraviolet monitoring device grey mist


personal uv monitor bracelet grey mist

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The video below demonstrates how to use the bracelet

Source: Amazon | Indiegogo