Kit Kat Have Basically Confirmed Which New Flavors Are Coming Out In 2020

Rumors about Kit Kat’s new flavors spread like wildfire a few days ago. Naturally, those of us with a sweet tooth (read: all of us) lost it. The leak was promulgated by Walmart through Instagrammer @mark_devo on the 25th of November. In his Instagram teaser, fans of the wafer snack saw four potential new flavors. We hope you like pie, because the limited edition offerings appear to consist largely of pie-inspired flavors!

The chocolate-covered wafer snack had a stellar run this year. But their success didn’t stem from their offerings alone. This year, Eco-warriors around the world lauded Kit Kat Japan for switching from plastic to paper packaging. Now, the news of the brand new Kit Kat flavors has us reeling. We spent a few days in limbo, wondering: will they or won’t they? Which ones will we actually get to nibble on?


The brand kept mum about the Kit Kat new flavors for a while but they couldn’t keep their secret longer than three days.


After the news broke out, we all turned to the brand to get confirmation that these new flavors were in fact real. But the brand kept us at the edge of our seats with their silence. Three days later, Kit Kat finally acknowledged the leak with a rather playful tweet.

The cheeky tweet included a photo of six unwrapped Kit Kat bars in fun colors. And while they’ve done away with the packaging, eagle-eyed fans immediately identified each bar. If you ask us, these unwrapped bars look like cherry cola, chocolate cream pie, cotton candy, apple pie, birthday cake, and orange creamsicle. We have to admit, we kind of drooled a little while looking at these gorgeous bars with heart eyes.


The follow-up tweet featured only four flavors.


Eight days after their official treat teaser, the verified Twitter account for the brand posted another photo of the intriguing snacks. But this time, instead of six, there were only four featured in the Thanksgiving-themed post. The four Kit Kat bars featured in the post are all pie-inspired.

The Kit Kat new flavors include chocolate cream pie, sweet potato pie, apple pie, and blueberry pie. Someone really loves pie over at Kit Kat headquarters. Or they just want to honor our beloved grandmothers’ pies with an iteration you can carry in your backpack or pocket. We’ve got a hunch that we can expect these pie-flavored Kit Kat treats sometime around Thanksgiving next year. They’ll definitely be a great continuation of the Thanksgiving line that started with the Pumpkin Pie Kit Kat.


Nothing is set in stone.


While they have teased us by showcasing these Kit Kat new flavors’ existence, they have yet to truly confirm which ones will actually hit shelves next year. These sneak peaks may just be a part of the brand’s test to see which ones generate the most buzz and which ones customers are more likely to buy. If that’s the case, which flavors would you like to see in the candy aisle next year? I’ve got my eyes on the apple pie treat!