Funny Pale People Problems Show How Having Pale Skin Is Like

Some people long to have pearly-white skin. That is why more people are into whitening products that can give them the porcelain skin they’ve been dreaming of. There’s actually nothing wrong with it. But if you’re going to ask pale people what it’s like to have a snowy shade, they might give you some surprising answers. Having pale skin isn’t always that glorifying. In fact, some pale-skinned people would go under tanning beds or use self-tanning products to change their skin complexion. For this reason, we wonder why they would prefer a darker skin shade. It turns out that pale people also have their problems to face. Here are some of the funny pale people problems showing what life is with a pale skin.



Staying under the summer sun for 5 minutes…

When everyone else is getting tan over the summer and you are still as white as snow in the winter.

These are nude tights by the way. And they still don’t match my skin shade.

If only I can wear this humongous thing out in the sun without being ridiculed.

This sums up my whole summer.

This is what glowing skin actually looks like in reality.

When you’re taking a selfie with your cat and blink and suddenly look like a corpse.

Life is about being comfortable in your own skin. But some light-skinned people have their own pale people problems they need to face everyday.


How many times do I have to say the words “I’m not sick” to other people?


As long as there’s sunscreen at hand…

Even the lightest shade of foundation can’t match your paleness.

My tan is kinda there…

When you’re so pale, soulless and dead-looking that you’re pretty much immune to the black/white filter.

All hope is lost.

When you face swap yourself with a monochrome photo and you’re pretty much the same color.

When black sand makes your feet luminous.

Look behind the sunbathing girl and you’ll find another one blending in with the white sand.