Enjoy Aromatherapy On The Go With This Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

Take your favorite scent with you everywhere, right on your wrist, with this essential oil diffuser bracelet. With just a whiff, essential oils can instantly ease stress and lift your mood. And in today’s stressful world, aromatherapy in various forms has become our number one quick fix to help us relax and alleviate symptoms of depression. There are several ways to extract the benefits of essential oils. Candles, sprays, diffusers, burners and even personal care products such as soaps and lotions provide a convenient way to let us enjoy and reap the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy.

Stressful events can happen anytime, particularly when you least expect therm. During these times, the aromatic fragrance of essential oils can really make a difference. But of course, you can’t just bring a candle or a diffuser while you’re running errands. Now, this is where an essential oil bracelet comes in handy. These beneficial pieces of jewelry offer a portable way to take your favorite fragrances with you every day and everywhere.


Elegant Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

essential oil diffuser bracelet

This sophisticated bracelet features a sleek stainless steel locket with a beautiful tree design specifically designed for women. The elegant locket is held by a glossy band made of high quality soft leather. This aromatherapy bracelet comes with 8 washable refill pads that absorb oils and diffuse the fragrance. The felt pads come in 8 different colors to match your outfit.

essential oil diffuser bracelet felt pads


aromatherapy bracelet details


aromatherapy bracelet felt pad

To use, just twist the locket to the left to open the cover. Put a pad inside the locket and add 2 – 3 drops of your favorite essential oil. Then place the cover back and twist to the right to close the locket. Wrap the strap around your wrist twice. The strap has five holes so you can adjust the bangle size to fit your wrist. Whenever you need to calm your emotions and relieve tension, this essential oil bracelet will give off that soothing aroma wherever you need it. The scent should last up to 12 hours.

aromatherapy bracelet how to use


aromatherapy bracelet felt pads


aromatherapy bracelet

This charming piece of jewelry comes in a fancy premium-grade gift box, making it a giftable piece for the woman in your life. It is available in two different tree locket designs. Take note that this bracelet doesn’t come with essential oils. So, make sure you have your bottles of your favorite essential oils or buy one if you haven’t. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“This bracelet is classy and elegant and wears like a watch. It goes with any outfit. It holds up super well, I wear it everyday. The tree symbol screws on and off and stays in place and doesn’t loosen. I get so many compliments on this bracelet and it’s the reason I even decided to try essential oils. The felt holds the oils for a couple of days also.”

essential oil diffuser bracelet tree locket


essential oil diffuser bracelet gift box


essential oil diffuser bracelet for women


essential oil diffuser bracelet women

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