10 Useless Items That Have Extraordinary Price Tags

The saying goes that some people have more money than sense. This statement is often proved by the ridiculous things that people shell out their money for. To further back up this point, here we have a collection of pretty much useless items with extraordinary price tags. Some people really do have money to burn! Take a look and prepare to be shocked!

Barbie Doll

This Barbie doll sold at auction for a whopping $302,500. The necklace seen beholds a rare pink diamond surrounded by other white ones. All the profits went to the Breast Cancer Foundation.

Useless Items With Extraordinary Price Tags barbie


Belt Buckle

The belt buckle pictured went for $25,000! Roland Iten states the buckle to be ‘a mechanical masterpiece’ assembled in Geneva. It took 9 months to create and is made of high quality materials.

Useless Items With Extraordinary Price Tags belt buckle


Apartment Building

This private apartment building is the largest in the world. It boasts 9 elevators, 168 parking spaces on the first 6 floors, a personal car service on the 7th floor, several swimming pools, 3 helicopter landing areas, a spa salon and a 50 person theater! The building sold for $1,000,000,000 and can withstand an earthquake of 8.0 on the Richter scale.

Useless Items With Extraordinary Price Tags building


Diamond Bath Tub

This diamond bath tub for animals sold for $39,000! It beholds 45,000 Swarovski crystals. This blows our minds! The cost of the tub is more than many people earn in a year. Crazy!

Useless Items With Extraordinary Price Tags diamond bath



If you’ve got a ton of money and enjoy games, maybe this dominoes set is for you. It costs $147,000 and the pieces are made from gold and have diamonds on them. The dominoes themselves are housed in a glorious marble box.

Useless Items With Extraordinary Price Tags dominoes


Gold Toilet

Is it your dream to do your business in a gold toilet? Well, for a fee, you can use this exhibit that is displayed at The Guggenheim Museum. It is an exact copy of the gold toilet created by Kohler. Price… $2,500,000!

Useless Items With Extraordinary Price Tags gold toilet


Ian Usher

Have you ever thought about just giving your whole life up? Well, one person who decided to do exactly that was Ian Usher. In 2008, he was fed up of his life so made the choice to sell it. This included all of his possessions and contacts. The starting bid was just $1, but the end sale price was over $300,000. Ian used the money to travel the world and bought an island in the Caribbean.

Useless Items With Extraordinary Price Tags ian usher



There were LEGO blocks that were made from 14 karat gold back in the 80’s for employees who had served over 25 years at a LEGO factory in Germany. One of these pieces was sold on Ebay for $12,500.

Useless Items With Extraordinary Price Tags lego



Do you love popcorn enough to pay $250 per gallon for it? That’s exactly what Berco’s popcorn goes for. The ingredients include organic sugar from Vermont, high class butter, top quality vanilla and the most expensive salt available from Denmark.

Useless Items With Extraordinary Price Tags popcorn


Vinyl Music Player

This vinyl music player sold for an impressive $210,000. It’s stylish design is highly praised as is its ability to play vinyl discs with unrivaled precision and quality.

Useless Items With Extraordinary Price Tags vinyl music player