Ridiculous Online Purchases That Will Make Us Regret For Believing The Internet

The advent of internet use has definitely made almost everything seem to be easy, which includes online purchases. If we look at the numbers, it was found that 84% of internet users have at least tried an online purchase last year. And indeed, despite being profitable for businesses and convenient for consumers, fact is, we don’t always get what we want as it may turn out to be something we wished we never had instead. Let’s see below some of ridiculous online purchases that will make us extra careful next time.

#1 For a food container, this doesn’t completely look like one. 10% for food and 90% for box, is that it?


#2 When you show to the world how disappointed you are with something that you bought online.


#3 Teddy must been an epitome of how hard can reality can slap us.


#4 Somebody must have forgotten to mention or include the word “miniature.” Ugh!


#5 And another one! This will teach us that disappointments may sometimes come in small packages.


#6 Well, at least it’s still green. Lol!


#7 The world can be so cruel these days. I mean, is this a make your own memory kit?


#8 Look what cosmetic surgery did to Minnie Mouse. She has changed into a different woman.

unknown author/imgur

#9 This is how exactly you will feel after paying for something you’re not getting. Somebody call their manager.


#10 Grandpa must have decided to change his hairstyle. The system was just not updated of his new look, maybe that’s why.

unknown author/imgur

#12 When expectations versus reality hits you. Is this even a pair of jeans or something that you wear when you go scuba diving?


#13 There’s just so much disappointment in this picture. When you finally had that something you were waiting for so long but it turns out not what you were expecting. SMH!


#14 A good representation of what happens when a big bear merges with a fat rabbit.


#15 Makers of this dress must have ran out of lace. Details, everyone. Details.


#16 A huge huggable teddy bear must have shrunk somewhere along the way.


#17 OMG! This is just plainly hilarious. Looks can really be deceiving.


Do you have your own share of epic fails? What can say about these ridiculous online pruchases experiences? Comment below!