You Won’t Believe What This Company Is Doing To Sell This House

Selling a home isn’t always easy. We have all heard advice such as baking bread before potential buyers come round in order to create a homely vibe and a delicious smell. Other tips such as cleaning the place, tidying up and freshly painting tired-looking rooms are just common sense, but whoever heard of installing a roller coaster? Yes, a roller coaster!

Huizenpromoter, a Dutch company which specializes in real estate promotions, came up with the ingenious idea of showing potential buyers around one of their houses for sale via a roller coaster! What we want to know is… can we make an appointment for a viewing, and if we buy the house, do we get to keep the coaster??

Website: Verder met Wonen

Image from YouTube

Ready to go! The rollercoaster begins its journey in through the garage.

Image from YouTube

Time to check out what’s upstairs after riding through the kitchen and living room.

Image from YouTube

After rolling through the upstairs bedrooms, the coaster makes its way back outside.

Image from YouTube

The ride finishes in the back yard and a second viewing is, of course, advised!

Watch the video below

What an awesome roller coaster!

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