14 Crazy Things Spotted On Flights

Whether you love flying or loathe it, there are some universal things you don’t want to see on your plane journey. For example, feet in your face, hair in your face and well, anything in your face. Also, you’d rather avoid drunken lunatics, unruly children and blow up dolls. But hey, these things happen, unfortunately!

It really does leave you baffled as to how some people have no shame. Here we have a list of crazy things spotted on flights. Some of them are so shocking, it’s hard to believe they actually happened! Take a look!

A Saudi Prince purchased plane tickets for all 80 of his falcons…

If you have a fear of dolls, this would not go down well!

No… just NO! Things like this make us so mad!

Is this pure genius or plain strange? We’re edging towards genius…

If you’ve watched ‘Lost’ before, you’ll get why this might be worrying.

We could give this photo so many different captions, so we’ll just let your imagination take over.

The things we do to keep our kids quiet on flights!

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When will people realize, no one likes seeing feet on their flight! Especially any where near their personal space!

We bet the events that led up to this moment were interesting!

We would LOVE to see a panda on a flight! So interesting!

If you want or need extra leg room, PAY FOR IT! Don’t make others suffer!

There’s a whole lot of ‘nope’ in this photo.

We’re not too sure what’s going on here, but at least they all look amused?!

Oh dear. You just know this flight was a nightmare for any surrounding passengers!