Awesome Gadgets That Could Save Your Life One Day

Unfortunately, it’s pretty inevitable that bad things happen in life that are out of our control. Sometimes we have accidents, become stranded, lost or injured and find ourselves in need of help. It’s these times that it pays to be prepared for the worst. Here we have a list of awesome gadgets that could save your life one day. They are well worth checking out and always remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry! Take a look! 

Awesome Gadgets That Could Save Your Life One Day

Alarm Ring

This alarm ring is dubbed your personal guardian angel. Called ‘Nimb’, the portable alarm system can be pushed quickly and discreetly sending out a stress signal to the smartphones of your loves ones. 

Gadgets That Could Save Your Life alarm ring

Emergency Beacon

The ‘Rescue Me Balloon’ comes in a compact orange box. To make your location more obvious during distress, tear off the cap. This results in a balloon rising up 150ft! It will even flicker light at night time thanks to solar energy accumulated throughout the day. 

Gadgets That Could Save Your Life emergency beacon

External Antenna

This clever gadget, the ‘goTenna’ will assist you when you don’t have an available mobile network. The device keeps you online even when there is no link. It creates a private network that allows you to send messages and your coordinates for up to 50 miles. 

Gadgets That Could Save Your Life external antenna

Multi-function Key Ring

This handy key ring includes a flashlight, a hammer, a strap cutter, an alarm beacon, a window breaker, a tire pressure gauge and more! Perfect for keeping in your car. 

Gadgets That Could Save Your Life multifunction key ring

Camping Gadget

‘Campy’ is a must have for all campers. It’s capabilities include detecting wild animals or people, sensing gas leaks, recognizing weather changes and can sound an alarm. It also acts as an electronic mosquito repellent! 

Gadgets That Could Save Your Life owl camera

Self Propelled Floating Device

‘U-Safe’ is a self propelled floating device complete with an electric engine and remote control. The control allows a person to navigate the float to those in need in the water. Development plans include increasing the distance the float can travel and adding a multiple persons option. 

Gadgets That Could Save Your Life self propelled float

Shark Repellent

Many divers, swimmers and surfers have a fear of sharks. The ‘Sharkbanz’ bracelet emits ultrasound signals that make you an undesirable object for sharks. We’ll take 4, one for each limb! 

Gadgets That Could Save Your Life shark repellent

Pocket Slingshot

Find out here how to make your own powerful pocket slingshot that will assist you in hunting small game and other small creatures that you might need to eat. 

Gadgets That Could Save Your Life slingshot

Venom Extractor

This kit will help you to remove venom from your body. It’s a powerful and easy to use vacuum pump that also comes with a razor, sterile tissues and band aids. 

Gadgets That Could Save Your Life venom extractor

Water Filter

When you’re stuck in a bad situation, finding water to drink is a must. This clever charcoal filter can be attached directly on to a bottle or held right into a body of water making the contents suitable for consumption. 

Gadgets That Could Save Your Life water filter