Impressive Inventions That Think Outside The Box

It doesn’t matter how much time passes, people still manage to think of brilliant new ideas that haven’t been touched upon before. Of course, our opinions of what is a genius creation will differ. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure and vice versa after all! Here we have a list of impressive inventions that think outside the box. We love the Fibonacci clock and the pizza box carrier bag!

Charging bracelet

Never be stuck for a charger again with this awesome charging bracelet!

Dustpan and brush

Finally, someone invented the dust pan we’ve all been waiting for…

Fibonacci spiral clock

Bored of your standard clock? Try out a Fibonacci one instead!

USB stick with digital memory view display

This USB stick shows how much memory you have used.

Save your progress bookmark

The perfect bookmark for the reading and gaming enthusiast in your life…

Tilting measuring jug

This jug gives you measurements even when it’s tilted!

Minimalist playing cards

A clean way to play cards.

Giant hammock indoors

We imagine sleeping on this suspended net is rather comfortable.

Giant pencil light

This pencil light would look awesome in a child’s playroom! Or, even an adult’s office!

Pizza box bag

Why have we never seen this before? So simple!

Shirt with microfiber cloth

This shirt has a microfiber cloth built in for cleaning glasses!

Thor hammer tool kit

A tool kit designed around Thor’s hammer! This would make such a great gift!

Double ended toothpaste

Say goodbye to squeezing the last remains of toothpaste all the way to the top of the tube!

Umbrella with peephole

This umbrella provides excellent coverage whilst also allowing you to see.