Pyramid Bonfire Pit

If you’re looking to shy away from standard round fire pits, then we might have just the thing for you! Canadian-based company Iron Embers prides itself on constructing premium outdoor fire pits. These include a variety of one-of-a-kind polygonal fire pits, including this pyramid bonfire pit. Featuring an open design, this sleek outdoor fireplace offers a stunning view of a blazing fire in its natural pyramidal shape.

Featuring stainless-steel mesh and quarter-inch plate steel construction, this pyramid outdoor fireplace is perfect for every modern home’s backyard oasis. More than its aesthetic appeal, this fireplace’s unique structure contributes to its overall functionality as well.

iron embers triangular outdoor fireplace


triangular outdoor fireplace


iron embers triangular outdoor fireplace for backyard

For starters, the mesh panels help regulate a healthy airflow to ensure a clean-burning campfire. This triangular bonfire pit also comes with a sloped base with small, raised edges on the floor. All these help contain the fire towards the center. As a result, this creates a dazzling view of fiery flames that will surely elevate your alfresco lounging experience. There’s also a small drainage hole in the center of the floor to keep water out and for easy cleanup.

pyramid bonfire pit


iron embers pyramid bonfire pit sloped base


iron embers pyramid bonfire pit base drainage hole


This pyramid bonfire pit is a must-have for every modern home’s backyard oasis

Meanwhile, the fire pit’s legs keep its base off the ground, so heat can circulate properly and optimally. This contemporary outdoor fireplace also features one entire panel which serves as a large door, allowing you to fill it with logs easily. The door is equipped with a spring handle located near the base for easy access and to prevent it from getting too hot.

iron embers triangle-shaped outdoor fireplace


iron embers outdoor pyramid bonfire pit


iron embers pyramid bonfire pit door spring handle

This pyramid-shaped fire pit is available in four different sizes, ranging from three feet up to six feet in height. The three-foot model is perfect for small-scale urban patios. The four-foot model is suitable for most backyards while the five-foot model is ideal for bigger patios. Finally, the six-foot model makes a captivating outdoor centerpiece for commercial establishments and large estates.

iron embers pyramid bonfire pit size variants


iron embers stainless steel triangular outdoor fireplace


iron embers pyramid bonfire pit

You can also get a few optional accessories for this outdoor fireplace. These include a fire grate to keep the logs off the base and a tarp cover to protect your fire pit. Iron Embers also offers a variety of fire pits in unique shapes and structures, including cube, cupola, polygon, and more.

iron embers pyramid bonfire pit tarp cover


iron embers triangle outdoor fireplace


Witness the pyramid outdoor fireplace in action via the video below

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